Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beautiful bunting

 When I sent my wedding invites out a few months ago, I also put a triangle of fabric in everyone's envelope, and a fabric crayon:

On the information they received about the day was this instruction:

'...also enclosed with your invitation is a triangle of bunting, and a fabric crayon. Please use the crayon to write us a message, or draw us a picture on the bunting and return it in the envelope provided. These will decorate the venue on the day. Please be as creative (e.g. embellish with buttons, bows, ribbons etc), or as simple as you like. Let your children draw on it, or simply sign your names. Even if you cannot attend the wedding, it would be lovely to have you as part of the bunting, so please return your decorated triangle with your RSVP.'

Then I sat back and waited.

Througout May and June nothing was more exciting than seeing an A5 brown envelope sitting on my doormat - because that meant more bunting had arrived! It has been wonderful and touching to see what people have done. We have had poems...

...simple messages, or extravagant embellishments of buttons, feathers and bows. Whatever they had on them, they have all been a joy to receive and really makes me feel as though David and I are sharing our day with everyone. The photos here are of the remaining triangles yet to be sewn onto ribbon.

My friend Jennifer, has of course been helping me - she's been sewing the bunting triangles onto ribbon for me:

And the results are fantastic:

I can't wait to see them up in our venue.

 In the meantime, I'm  making paper flowers to decorate the tables (with the help of my lovely friends) - more on this in the next post!
 I'm so excited about seeing it all come together on the big day.

bye for now!

Rosie x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Coolest wedding invites ever!

Ok, so there's been a gap between my last post and now. But I have had very good reasons. Lots of very worthy reasons such as change of jobs, a full on MA, travelling to Winchester and back three times a week... and completing my wedding invitations. And it's these that I'd like to blog about today.

My partner and I have been together for ten years. We were supposed to have a ten year 'we're not getting married' party, but my partner ruined that idea by proposing to me last year on my birthday in Bath. I've never considered marriage to be goal to aim for, but when the man you love asks you to be your wife, there really is only answer to give...

Anyway, the most important thing for me about our wedding, is that it's about US as a couple. Not about me as a bride. There seems to be such an emphasis on weddings being Her day, and it just seems ridiculous to me. It's not MY day, I haven't planned for this day my whole life. This day is about me and David celebrating our life together and looking forward to a future together, it's not about living out a fantasy of big white wedding dresses and extortinate amount of money being spent and flowers and so on, and so on. I might be sounding like bit of a grump now, but after a few months of planning and family politics and working out the guest list and having to put up with the cheeky remarks about the groom not being involved with the wedding, I do feel a bit grumpy. Becasue for me, this wedding is about us. But it's not really the wedding day that is important - that's for everyone to have a party and celebrate love... but what I'm really interested in is the marriage.

Anyway, back to my original point... I wanted this to be about us as a couple. And I wanted our invitations to reflect this. Now, David is not somebody likely to get excited about invitations (and let's be honest, there are very few men who would do - and who can blame them, some of them are yawningly boring and similar - the invites I mean, not the men). I'm not really into all the white and ribbon and floral prettiness of the majority of the invites out there. And then I googled an idea, and came across these invitations on Etzy: Record Invites